1522 Saint Louis Gallery, Kansas City, MO

May 8th – June 13, 2015

“Without” takes as the starting point ambiguous locations both familiar and unrecognizable. These are views of wooded areas, nondescript parks and edges of city streets that could beanywhere. Dullness and flatness of color accompany purposefully unrefined handling of material in an attempt to make a work that is at once brutal and serene.

“The Land Clearing” 12”x15”
oil on linen, 2014
“Untitled” 33”x28”
oil on canvas, 2014
“The Dirt Pile” 46”x56”
oil on canvas, 2015
“The Street’s End” 46”x56”
oil on canvas, 2015
“The Edge of the Road”
46”x56”, oil on canvas, 2015
“Untitled (Forest)” Flashe on linen, 2014
“Dog” Flashe on linen, 2014
“Broken Landscape” Flashe on canvas, 2014
“Apple Tree” Flashe on paper, 20″x30″ 2014
“Untitled” Flashe on paper, 20″x30″, 2014
“Untitled (Man)” 20”x16”
flashe on linen, 2014